Review Honda Mobilio 2014

Honda Mobilio - Front Angle

Convenient drive no doubt, so the main requirement. Moreover, the road conditions, terrain and even tended to jam in some cities. So comfortable car searched. Convenience is the perceived bias of media journalists when he joined the ” Honda Mobilio Test Drive”. Tumoki uchida, which ikud in explaining test Honda Mobilio has dimensions along 4,386 mm is the ideal size for a roomy cabin, but not difficult when parking.

Honda Mobilio - Design

High Ground Clearance 189 mm provides comfort and confidence when driving. Moreover wheel bace along 2,650 mm high and optimum yield good ability. All these advantages, plus dynamic design, engine power is the biggest in its class, as well as high fuel efficiency package is very competitively produce for consumers Honda Mobilio.


Honda Mobilio - Rear angle

Honda Mobilio - Front

Honda Mobilio - Engine

On the outside , it can be seen the charming exterior of the Honda Mobilio. Exterior design uses the concept of Dual Solid Motion , Perpadua bidio dynamic lines with glassy cabin is sporty and spacious. On the front is complemented by chrome bumper and grill style fancy. In addition to the dazzling light design also widths members a sense of calm and nyamansaat driving at night hariFrog lamp illumination member who is more to driving in foggy areas

Review Honda Mobilio 2014 | | 4.5